Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama Didn't Tell Me

Mama didn't tell me
About the nausea and loss of appetite
The cramping or the back pain
Mama didn't tell me
About the little flutters in my belly
The sudden lack of interest of the foods I once liked
Mama didn't tell me
About the kicks and movements
Or how your head would be all in my....
Mama didn't tell me
That I would get so dog on big
How hard things would get, like to stand and sit
(oh we're not even going to talk about the bathroom)
Mama didn't tell me
About the tossing and turning
Sleeping with a pillow between my legs
(come to think of it, I had a lot of pillows)
Mama didn't tell me
About the false alarms in the middle of the night
Or about doing all of that waiting to get sent back home
(Daddy got tired of those nights)
Mama didn't tell me
About the labour pains
Or about all of the "what was I thinking" times
Mama didn't tell me
About that indescribable feeling
The moment I looked into you eyes
Mama didn't tell me
About the all night crying frenzies
That had me locked in my bathroom crying myself
Or the sleep deprivation
or the sore breast
or the over baring will to protect you
or the dirty diapers
or the throwing up
or ear infections
or the horrible colds
(we not even going to ask what happen to the sex)
But the most important of all
Mama didn't tell me
About the joy you would bring into my life

My Reality

My Role as Wife and Mother
Is What I Make It
NOT What Others Tell Me
It Should Be

I Know Who I Am

Don't hate me cause I'm not you
Running around with three kids,
Trying to keep up with a man
That's not trying to keep up with you
I Know Who I am
First and foremost I am Nakisha Jones,
Then second I'm a wife and mother
I will never be a (you know what) to a brother
I am not your maid nor slave
I cater to willingly not foolishly
So I suggest you behave
I Know Who I Am
I am a server to only God
I am a fighter for what's mine
I am a stay at home mom, but not a house wife
I am a companion to my husband, but not his mother
I am Nakisha Jones, a wife and mother
Breaking through a stereotype

You Can't Make Me

How you perceive ME
May not be how I perceive MYSELF
Your comments about the way I live my LIFE
You can keep that mess to your SELF
The advice you give, let's keep it to FEW
Better yet, if wanted, I'LL come to you
You Can't Make ME adopt your point of View
I just may not agree with you
The way I see things, is MY way to see
As persuasive as you may be

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Be Strong

It's going to take a moment
It's going to take some time
For you to discover the woman you are inside
No riches, nor recognition, no fame
Don't dare hold your head down in shame
You are a strong beautiful woman, a mother of three
It's time to open your eyes that you may see
That God's love is greater than any mans can be
So stop and take a moment and ask yourself
Is this pain that your holding worth dying inside
So take a moment and praise Gods name
Only He can take away your pain
In His arms you're not alone
So lift up your head beautiful mother and

Starting Over

Settled in
Singled out
Times have changed
Two kids in sprout
Nothing's going right
Lights out
I see a glimore
A twinkle of hope
New place
More space
Doubts being erased
Past behind
Future Ahead
Change is good
Peace in bed
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