About Me

I'm a wife of four years and a mother of two wonderful boys.  We currently reside in the lovely state of North Carolina.  My husband, well he’s an old man in a young man’s body.  He has traditional views and values that clash with my untraditional views of marriage and motherhood, although we somehow work hard to incorporate our mutual views in Christian values.  My boys are four and three; my oldest will be five in September.  They are active, loving, and very curious little boys.  If you are a mother you can read between the lines (smiling).  Every day of my new roles have been a learning experience, some good and some not so good.  But we learn we live and we grow.  
Currently I am a Stay-at-home-mother (we will work on a new term for this).  Surprisingly to some, I have a very busy life.  I take care of my home (to my standards, not to others), teach my children, help my husband (to my standards, not to others), and I'm a Grad student.  

Life is fulfilling.  

There are so many books about marriage, about parenthood, and self, but the thing is we are all different.  We view the world differently.  We come from different cultural, socioeconomic statuses, and upbringings.  How can we possibly read the same book and have the same results (I exclude the SuperNanny, because she’s just awesome).  Well that’s what my blog is about, MY perspective about marriage, parenting, and about staying sane (according to me).  It’s about love, harsh feeling, being annoyed, and fighting for what you believe in all rolled up in poetry, stories, and occasional venting.  Enjoy A Married Perspective: The View From Where I Stand.  

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