Thursday, January 5, 2017


It's funny when I think about it, I've been married to my husband for four years this May and I have come to realize just how much I have changed over the years. One of the first things that my father told before I got married was not to change who I was. Leave it to me to still have trouble with this concept. How does one not change when everything around is doing so constantly. Maybe it's just a matter of adjusting to your new life without changing what make you, you. Well, until someone does a better job of explaining, I have changed.

Before I meet my husband, my mother thought that she would never have grandchildren. I was very serious about not having any (smiling). Now that I have my two wonderful little boys, I would not know what to do with them. My life, sadly, revolves around them (I say sadly, because sometimes I feel like I need to do better with having a social life). Anyways, when I became pregnant with my first son the first thing my husband say, "Having children will change things." Of course he's experienced and just know these things. Well come to find out, he was right, HE CHANGED!!! And then I changed.

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