Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ My Parents

I love my parents and my parents love me LOL what else is there to say!!! I am the only child that my parents have together, my dad has 3 other boys, and my mother has two girls.

My mom is AWESOME, although sometimes she fails to recognize just how awesome she is. Of course my appreciation for my mother came after my teen life crises. And like every mother and daughter relationship, my mother and I had some very difficult times, but I have never lost respect nor have I disrespected her (of course this could be a case of selected memory and she might have a different story). She has done way t0o much for me to forget that when we disagree about something that will be irrelevant the next day. I know that she worked very hard so that we didn’t need or want for very much. As far as we were concerned, we lived comfortably.

She is the strongest and most beautiful black woman I know. Every time I tell her so, she cries, but that’s ok. She’s such a cry baby (I Love you mom)!!! I will not tell her age but she doesn’t look it and most times she doesn’t act her age either. I love that about her!!! For some strange reason she can talk to us about anything and that is not always a comfortable situation, if you know what I mean (laughing). She puts up with more than she has to and contributes to more than she needs to.

(Exhale) My dad LOL is just as amazing. Our relationship is a lot better with me being an adult, more so because I spent most of my childhood with my mother. Now that’s not to say that I don’t have any wonderful memories of my father, I have many. In fact he help me understand the word of God, so that I may have a foundation in Christ to build the rest of my life. It’s funny saying that, for most of my life I compared him to a preacher. I couldn’t talk to him as a daughter talks to her father, it was like every conversation we had he said, “Well, you know what the bible said,” and anything along those lines. He has gotten a lot better with just having “regular” conversations. As an adult I know that when I need someone to pray with, help me understand the scripture, or lead me to the right scriptures he is there to help.

Although my dad wasn’t there for a large part of my childhood, I know that it was circumstances that kept him for me and I harbor no harsh feelings about it. He’s here for me now and that’s what matters the most.

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