Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Father and Son Time

I know every mother loves some of that "me time," especially when Mr. Dad takes that kids out and you know that they are safe and getting in some much needed quality time.

Well today the boys had some quality time with their dad and they were so excited about it, so was I!!!  My husband took the boys with him to the barber and they went grocery shopping!!!  YaY daddy!!!  I'm sure they would have stayed out longer had I not need the groceries to cook dinner. Nevertheless, I was thrilled.  As soon as they got home all the talked about was what they did with their dad.  Children are so easy to please!!  So even though it was for a short period of time, a couple of hours, everybody seem to enjoy the father and son time.

And I got me some "me time." It didn't matter that I was STILL working on a research paper or that I was tired out of my mind, but the bit of relief that I felt when they walked out the door with their dad was a breath of fresh air.  It was definitely like a "Ricola" moment LOL

And it wasn't that my boys was bothering me today, but I feel so horrible when they want to play and I'm stuck on the computer trying to get an assignment done.  So if only for a moment my husband, God bless him, he gave me some relief and that I appreciate whole heartedly!!!  Two thumbs up, he really made everyone happy today!!!

SN: Why can't men say NO to kids?  How come every time the boys go somewhere with their dad they come back with a toy, except today the came back with vanilla wafers!!! LOL

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