Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready for School~Part 3

Today the boys drove up and down the highway today looking for his school so that we could finish registration. I called the school five times before someone actually answered that  phone to tell me how to get to the darn school.  I'm just a tad bit aggravated.  So we finally got it and we get there in the nick of time, because it started getting crowded really fast.   The funny things is, in regard to all the driving, the school is less than 5mins away from our home.

We get in, the secretary give me the information that I need to fill out, and we head to the back lounge to do paperwork.  Lucky me!  I knew I was going to have to do it and the good thing is I have some wonderful children when they've been threatened (just kidding).  But, I do have two wonderful boys.  So I'm fill out the 12 forms they give me asking all kinds of questions.  One question asked if we live in a non-home environment such as the park, car, or elsewhere?"  At that moment I really had to thank God, because I wouldn't want to imagine.

Then, guess what I realize as I was drawing near the end of the forms?  Immunization records.  I just exhaled, gave the woman the paper work, shot home, came back, and I thought I was going to have to wait for all those people to be seen, but she called right to the front.  She made copies and copied my ID, and that was the end of the school registration.  YAY finished, now we have a student-teacher home visit tomorrow and I am so excited!!!!

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