Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ugh!!! An Unforgivable Day!!!

How I Really Looked
My plan today was such a simple one.  But did things go the way that I planned them, NO, because it really could not be that simple.  I mentioned to my husband on Thursday that I wanted the boys and I to clean out the van (no hidden message) this weekend.  On Friday he washed the outside of the van, I guess he was inspired by my ambition, whatever the reason I was happy. 

Last night I set the alarm on my BB to get me up at 7am so that we could be finish with the car before it got really hot outside.  Would you believe my phone died in the middle of the night and the boys and I did not wake up until a quarter to 10am.  I was pissed.  Getting the boys ready to go outside after breakfast was simple they were just throwing on old clothes, but for me even though I was going out to break a sweat, I still had to look nice (smiling). 

So we are leaving out around 11am, thankfully the clouds were still out and there was a breeze, so things seem pretty good.  We got started and things were steadily moving right along, the boys washed windows and I cleaned everything else.   No child labor laws were broken, I promise.  Besides it was their greasy and sticky handprints, saliva, and smeared ketchup all over the windows and doors. 

As we get to the outside windows, I get everyone out of the car and close all the doors.  Would love to guess what happened next?  All of the doors LOCKED!!!!  My purse, my keys (both sets), and phone all locked inside the van.  Needless to say I did not have a very thrilled husband when I had to wake him up after working last night to come and TRY and unlock the van that of course has automatic doors.   And who does not have AAA, ME!!! 

So he starts in on his ranting, “Kisha, why didn’t you have the key in your pocket, I told you always keep one key in your pocket.”  As much sense as that makes, NO YOU DIDN’T!!!  And how was I supposed to know that all the doors will lock after closing them!! 

Well come to find out, one of the boys had pushed the lock button on the door sometime while they were playing in the front seats.  Do not let your children have free range of any vehicle, even if they are in your way and it seems like the simple solution, because you cannot leave them on the outside of the car while you are on the inside. 

Anyways, after about an hour, because of my smart thinking, help from the neighbor, and my husband’s persistence we got the door unlock.  YaY, not!!!  I still had to finish the car, and it is now after 12pm and it is hot as you know what, and I have the children because Mr. Husband is trying to get some sleep.  So I get to the car wash to vacuum out the car and I run out of quarters.  Everything I took out the car has to go back in the car to go get quarters, because of course you cannot lock your children in the car, while it’s running, to go get change which is just on the other side of a brick wall.  So I have to drive around the carwash, to get change, to finish vacuuming out the van. 

After that, without any hesitation, I drive to Wal-Mart to get two spare keys made.  I refuse for this to happen again.  So needless to say, in the midst of the heat, humidity, disturbed husband (who insist he wasn’t upset and should not have been, because it wasn’t my fault), restless children, and tired me today was AN UNFORGIVABLE DAY!!!!

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