Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6 ~ Kicking It With The Boys

Today was a simply day, like most Friday, but it was business as usual.  We started the day full of energy, running, jumping, and break dancing (That would be my older son).  If you were to ever see him dance you may be able to determine that he's seen to many break dancing videos on youtube or American Best Dance Crew.  Yes, I may have to share that video with you one day.

As I was saying, today was Friday as usual.  After the dancing, would you believe that they sat down for some lessons on the computer? They worked on their counting, alphabets, phonics, and some lite reading. PBS kids was given some of our time as well.  They played games with Blues Clues, Clifford, and Caillou.  If it sound like they spent the day on the computer then you are absolutely Wrong, just half the day (smiling), the other half was spent eating.  Sorry I don't have much more for you, today was really just all about relaxing.

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